There are currently 51 different notebooks, 3 PDAs and various accessories in the collection. Wanted devices can be found in the wishlist.

Series Devices
Pre PS/2 L40 SX, 240, 380ED, 390E, 570, 600E, 701C, 760EL
A A22p, A31p
G G40
i Series 1500
T T23, T30, T42, T60p, T61p, T400, T410, T430, T500, T520, T520 SE, T470p, T25
R R31, R40, R50p, R51, R52, R61, R400
Z Z61m, Z61p
S S30
SL SL300, SL500
L L412
X X20, X31, X40, X41 Tablet, X61s, X61 Tablet, X100e, X200s, X200t, X220i, X230, X260, X301
W W701
WorkPad WorkPad, WorkPad 20X, WorkPad C3

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