Hello, my name is Christian and I collect ThinkPads.

Admittedly, a strange hobby, but no less interesting. 🤓

In 1992, IBM introduced a brand that has changed again and again until today - without forgetting its original roots. Apart from a few missteps, the devices are still part of the everyday life of many sales representatives, business customers and creative people. The devices are convincing, not least because of their solid quality.

As a teenager, I myself saw the first ThinkPad at an insurance agent. His briefcase consisted of a T23 and an inkjet printer - a space-saving and practical solution that fascinated me.

A few years later, as a vocational student, I bought my first own ThinkPad: a used T42 as a lease return. This was later followed by an X41 tablet and an aged 760L. I was impressed by the high quality, repairability and modularity. With two exceptions, I have used ThinkPads as my daily digital companions ever since.

As a child of the 90s and a friend of old hardware, I started 2021 to build up a small collection of old hardware again (heavy collecting as some would say). This blog is dedicated to my IBM and Lenovo devices and went online in winter 2023. It is meant to be a collection of loose articles about the individual devices with some historic background information.

Since many people find reading long texts less enjoyable these days and audio-visual media are gaining in importance, I have decided to make this information available as a (German) podcast. Every 3 - 4 weeks I try to publish entertaining episodes dedicated to individual models, technical history or people from the ThinkPad world.

The podcast can be subscribed to on all popular platforms, for example via:

Feedback is always welcome - I’m especially happy about topic requests and interesting interlocutors for an exchange! Feedback is always welcome - I am especially happy about topic requests and interesting conversation partners for an exchange!